360 Blockchain is Paving the Way for Blockchain Growth

360 Blockchain Inc (CSE:CODE; FWB:C5B; OTCPINK:BKLLF) was featured in an article by NXTalpha. The article covered 360 Blockchain’s US CEO Jeff Koyen’s involvement with the company. It also discussed how the company’s portfolio is helping pave the way for understanding the technology and how they’re setting the foundations for the industry.

The article outlined each of 360 Blockchain’s portfolio companies and the services and projects they are working on. There was a specific emphasis placed upon SV CryptoLab, a fully-equipped blockchain and cryptography lab in the Silicon Valley. The lab provides computational resources for blockchain firms during the day and mines for cryptocurrencies during the night. SV CryptoLab has been contemplating entering the cannabis space as a solution to the industry’s problems with banking through traditional sources. It also provides a solution for the transparency concerns surrounding the cannabis supply chain.

“Looked at another way, the issues impacting dispensaries can be traced back to a familiar place,” said Koyen. “Smart people see dispensary issues as supply chain issues.”

In the article, Koyen outlined the challenges the that the blockchain community faces and compared them to the challenges the internet faced when it was first implemented between 1992 and 1994. He suggests that the best way to get people on board with the technology is to make sure they are comfortable and understand it before pitching ideas on how it can be utilized.

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