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Alan is literally the ‘boots on the ground’ in the cannabis space. Highly respected and in touch with the management of companies he recommends.

Perhaps the current market for these companies in the marijuana/cannabis sector can be likened to the early days of the high tech era.

Do you remember the 1990’s and the historic rise in share prices finally topping out in early 2000? Could be those investors now interested in this new and evolving market for marijuana stocks are too young to remember what was called ‘the internet bubble’. That’s okay, as you will get many chances to create wealth in the coming months and years by purchasing shares in this new investment sector.

Our observation is many of the companies in the marijuana business are very small, under capitalized, trading for pennies or less and little or no reporting required.

This honestly is scary as hell and we would say that many will not survive and this is truly like the wild, wild, west.

CAUTION and FEAR must be a consideration of all investors and you must perform your own due diligence and/or consult with your financial advisors before entering into any transactions.

HOWEVER, within this new investment sector of marijuana/cannabis companies there will be many winners, big winners that will make those investors with good insight and discipline and diversification, fortunes in the coming years.


Marijuana Speculator’s  database (listing) of all the companies (currently over 200 companies and more everyday) that are trading in the United States as well as in Canada. There will be links and data for everything that investors will need to assist with making informed decisions.

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Marijuana was made illegal in the United States in 1937 after a brisk 13-minute debate in Congress just before a middle of the night vote. And though a DEA Law Judge by the name of Francis Young concluded in 1988 that marijuana “is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man,” the drug remains listed as a Schedule 1 drug in the US with “no currently accepted medical use.”

Tens of millions of Americans carry criminal convictions for use or possession or sale of what a DEA judge called one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. States are beginning to wake up and demand some logic to local laws and there is a backdoor legalization of marijuana taking place all over the US and Canada.

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For investors who are prepared to brave the stigma associated with marijuana, the potential for Industrial-Hemp-Cloud2outrageous returns has never been greater. The sector as a whole will be subdivided many times into the component materials associated with and directly derived from the plant material and its genetic cousin Hemp. This will result in a vast array of choices for an investor to weed through and locate.

The reality of the situation, Marijuana and the family of plants it is associated with are undergoing a vast dismantling of the restrictions that illegality placed upon it. The number of states who have passed bills regarding medical marijuana have become impossible to ignore, and with the opening of legal distribution in 2 states with more actively pursuing bills; the savvy investor can see that we are on the precipice of something that has not been seen in almost a century (outside of the dot com boom). This leads directly to the massive growth we are seeing, but it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Hemp has long been known for its industrial properties, but has gained traction within the cosmetic, and natural foods sectors that is now directly associated with natural health foods and premium organic ingredients. As an industrial material however, it has been restricted since 1927. This will be a revolution in agriculture and lumber production. The new technologies that allow fuel to be created from hemp will produce new ideas within biotechnology and energy.

Marijuana has been believed for quite some time to contain both medicinal and recreational properties. Until recently, very few facilities were licensed to even conduct research on its effects. This dynamic has also shifted and the ensuing elation amongst researchers and scientists within the sector abounds. The potential pharmacological applications are endless,and many companies will be started in the pursuit of the next breakthrough.

The growing recreational audience is awash in the opening of a “Pandora’s Box” that seems inevitable to sweep across the country and lead to a market of products associated with its cultivation, use, or distribution. The number of companies represented already surpasses 260 and seems to grow daily.

Who are they?
Will they survive?
Are typical indicators relevant or useful in assessing a company in the marijuana space?
What new warning signs should an investor look for when selecting a stock in this sector?
What ,if any, history do they have within the space?
Which companies deserve my investment and will give me a great potential return?

It is those questions and more that we will attempt to answer and decipher as the industry grows and we find ourselves ever more diversified into marijuana stocks for their potential return.

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