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Affiliate Program – Marijuana Speculator

Do you believe in the long-term investment opportunities in the cannabis/marijuana sector?

Do you like what we are doing here at Marijuana Speculator in attempting to pick the winners with “The Bakers’ Dozen”, our top 13 companies worthy of your appetite?

If so, we invite you to join us as an Affiliate Partner and assist us in spreading the word about our services to your friends, colleagues or perhaps to your already existing email list.

Do you currently have an online business with an email list and would like to diversify and assist us as an Affiliate Partner?

We can write a promo for you to send to your email list or subscriber base, of course, with your Affiliate Code embedded in the promo.

Frankly, we see in the coming years millions of potential investors interested in the cannabis/marijuana sector. These millions of investors will be looking for the best opportunities available which is not an easy task with currently around 275 companies trading in this space in the United States and Canada.

This new investment sector is still in the very early stages as more and more States become legal and eventually we believe the Feds will get on board at which time the number of opportunities will explode.

This is intended to be fun, creative and potentially very lucrative for you as an Affiliate Partner.

Our Program:

    • The Affiliate Program is managed by our membership database service.
    • Your referrals will be ‘cookied-in’ to our membership system with full accountability and tracking for a period of 90 days.
    • You will be paid 40% of our current subscription fees (currently $25 a month or $250 annually), either $10.00 or $100.00 for you per signup of a new subscriber.
    • You will receive the same 40% on all future renewals.
    • Payments will be made on a monthly basis with a minimum payment due of $25.
    • Our Affiliate Program is totally transparent and you will receive an email when someone signs up using your Affiliate Code.
    • Affiliates can login and check their status at any time.
    • Payments to Affiliates will only be made to your Paypal Account which facilitates us in getting everyones payments out on a timely basis, within 15 days from the end of the month.


    • A great home business as Affiliates can be located anywhere in the world.
    • This is easier than you starting a business as you just join our Affiliate Team and get started today.
    • You will be free to market our services as you wish – where you wish.
    • Affiliates are provided with links and banners which will have your Affiliate Code embedded making it easy for you to place ads, banners, etc. and you are only limited by your imagination.

How To Get Started:

We would like you to be a paid subscriber (but not necessary) because you really need to see what we are doing in order to best promote our services.

Go to Sign Up and enter the required information and down at the bottom of the page is a link to Join Our Affiliate Program.

If you are already a paid subscriber, after login, look for Your Account and go to the bottom of the page to Join Our Affiliate Program.

For more information or assistance: