Capstone Mining 2017 First Quarter Production Results

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Capstone Mining Corp. (“Capstone”) (TSX: CS) today announced production results for the three months ended March 31, 2017. Combined production totalled 20,900 tonnes of copper, with additional by-products of zinc, molybdenum, lead, silver and gold.

As quoted in the press release:

“The first quarter was challenging at Pinto Valley,” said Darren Pylot, President and CEO of Capstone. “The heavy rain early in the year reduced the throughput capacity of the crusher and ultimately caused us to advance our decision to proceed with the primary crusher mainframe replacement. The rains also had an impact on grade, as we had to adjust our mine plan given the water in the pit.”

“At the same time, we made some adjustments to optimize our mine plan at Minto to both capitalize on short term opportunities as well as lay the groundwork to extend operations beyond this year,” continued Mr. Pylot. “Cozamin was a bright spot, performing better than expected for the quarter.”

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