The Cannabis Market That Could Grow 700% By 2020

Debra Borchardt , CONTRIBUTOR I write about retail and cannabis. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the part of the cannabis plant that doesn’t get you “high” like the THC side of the plant. It is typically used for health reasons instead of for recreational purposes. The CBD products are either derived from industrial hemp plants or marijuana plants. The Hemp Business Journal estimated that the CBD market will grow to a $2.1 billion market in consumer sales by 2020 with $450 million of those sales coming from hemp-based sources. That’s a 700% increase from 2016. In 2015, the market for consumer sales of hemp-derived CBD products was $90 million, plus another $112 million in marijuana-derived CBD products which were sold through dispensaries – bringing a total CBD market to $202 million last year. Matt Karnes of Greenwave Advisors is even more optimistic about the … Continue reading

The Election Trade: Cannabis Stocks Continue to Rally

October 18, 2016 Technical420 Cannabis stocks continue to run higher and this rally has shown no signs of stopping with the election less than a month away. Legal cannabis is coming and the election will be one of the most significant event-driven catalysts for cannabis stocks as a record number of states are voting on some form of legal cannabis. With California voting on legal recreational marijuana and a legal medical marijuana initiative on the ballot in Florida, the elections represent a watershed moment for the cannabis industry. Cannabis Ballot Initiatives Ahead in the Polls   Not only are a record number of states voting on legal cannabis, but the polls show that legal cannabis is leading in every state where there is such an initiative on the ballot. The legal cannabis industry has gained a lot of ground in the last two years but we are still in the … Continue reading

How Cannabis Could Turn the Opioid Epidemic Around

BAILEY RAHN Those fortunate enough to only know the word “opioid” outside the context of personal tragedy may not realize what this addiction looks like up close. Opioid abuse is a scary-sounding statistic, with something to the tune of 19,000 Americans dying of overdose in 2014 alone, and a four-fold increase in opioid prescriptions written since 1999. But for Stephen Mandile, an army veteran who served in the U.S. military for seven years before injury dismissed him, opioids represent a decade of struggle with pain – the kind of physical and emotional pain that has you leaning against the fence between life and death, wondering what could possibly be worse than an existence that seems a mockery of the word “life.” “I was getting about two hours of sleep every few days, not caring about anything except for my next dose,” Mandile said. “Counting my pills all day to make … Continue reading

Be prepared for a wild ride if you invest in marijuana stocks – CNBC

Be prepared for a wild ride if you invest in marijuana stocks CNBC Public companies in the cannabis business are a highly speculative bunch. Most shares trade over the counter and do not have to file audited financial reports with regulators. In 2014, the Securities and Exchange Commission suspended five cannabis … and more Continue Reading … Continue reading

The Next Big Cannabis IPO

October 14, 2016 By: John Stewart Play Interview   The Canadian cannabis industry continues to be a top place to invest as medical cannabis is legal at the Federal level and here, you will hear from John Stewart of Emblem Corp and learn about a federally licensed producer of medical cannabis that is going public in November. Michael Berger:  Joining us today is John Stewart, the President of Emblem Pharmaceuticals.  How are you doing today, John? John Stewart:  I’m doing well, thanks for asking, Michael, and, more importantly, thank you for the invitation to participate in your show. Michael Berger: We’re very happy to have you on.  Today, we’re going to focus on Emblem Corp, a licensed medical cannabis producer in Canada.  John, can you tell us a little bit about Emblem, its three divisions, as well as some of the goals you have for Emblem Pharmaceuticals? John Stewart:  Sure, … Continue reading

Leak Reveals Clinton Promised Bankers To Stand Against Marijuana Legalization

Katelyn Baker October 12, 2016 WikiLeaks has arguably been the most important thing that has happened to elections, if not the veneer of democracy, in quite a long time. We’ve been able to see the true side of politicians and bureaucrats like never before. In Hillary Clinton, we see a figure beholden to Wall St., working diligently to advance the influence of financial corporations over government policy and taxpayer money. Her mega-donor list is a who’s who of megabanks that also happened to benefit from the TARP government bailout. In return for their money, Clinton gave speeches to Wall St. giants behind closed doors between 2013 and 2015. She told Goldman Sachs she was “far removed” from ordinary people and that “you need both a public and a private position.” Clinton has vacillated terribly on the issue of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is a gift to her donors but … Continue reading

Canada’s marijuana stocks on fire as dispensaries raids continue – Financial Post

Canada’s marijuana stocks on fire as dispensaries raids continue Financial Post “I think what we’re seeing here is investors just following the legalization story that’s happening here in Canada, as well as giving recognition to the maturation of the industry as we start to see companies make significant progress on their business … and more Continue Reading … Continue reading

Organigram Holdings completes licensing deal with TGS

2016-10-12 09:08 ET – News Release Mr. Larry Rogers reports ORGANIGRAM FINALIZES AGREEMENT WITH TGS INTERNATIONAL Organigram Holdings Inc. has completed its previously disclosed licensing transaction with TGS International LLC. Pursuant to the agreement between the company and TGS, which was originally disclosed on Sept. 1, 2016, the TSX Venture Exchange has approved and the company has issued 437,957 common shares to TGS at a deemed price of $1.37 per share. As per the terms of the agreement, the shares will be released to TGS according to an escrow schedule that relates to certain calendar and operational milestones. “We are pleased to have finalized this transaction and look forward to continuing our work with TGS. Their technological knowledge and cannabis expertise are key for Organigram as we continue to focus on maximizing our production yields, streamlining our extraction processes, and continuing to develop and innovate our portfolio of high-quality cannabis … Continue reading

Organigram Holdings – Stock Warrants on Fire

October 11, 2016 By The common shares of Organigram Holdings, TSXV:OGI and OGRMF have performed very well recently closing today at C$2.46, a new closing high. The shares have now gained 1,161% from the low of C$0.195 in early October 2015. However, few investors are aware that there are stock warrants trading on Organigram (TSXV:OGI.WT) and today they closed at C$1.06, again a closing high for the year and a gain of 1414% from the low in early October 2015. Organigram products are 100% organic with the belief that medical cannabis should be accessible to everyone. If the company can continue to execute with its growth plans the shares could possibly go substantially higher. The question now for investors is should you buy the common shares OR the stock warrants? Terms of the warrants Exercise price – C$1.40 Expiry date – December 02, 2017 With today’s closing prices the … Continue reading

SoftBank Bets Big on Biotech Startup

Think biotech has bottomed out? SoftBank (TYO:9984) disagrees. The massive Japanese holding company just made a $130 million investment in Zymergen, a biotech startup based out of the Silicon Valley. Zymergen genetically reprograms microbes for use in any number of industries—from medical device manufacturing and pharmaceutical development to agricultural production or military defense. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), for example, recently commissioned Zymergen to make some 360 new molecules for use in coating metals or producing electronics. Zymergen’s other clients include Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries. How can microbes—simple single cell organisms—have such ample applications? Think of them like miniature chemical factories: after taking in carbon and undergoing fermentation, for example, yeast produces carbon dioxide. Attention Investors: Do you want to help and profit from the the aging baby boomer population – also known as “the largest and richest generation ever”? If yes, then … Continue reading