CFN Media Interviews Guy Setton of GemmaCert

Laboratory testing is already a critical component of the legal cannabis market. Producers are expected to maintain rigorous standards in order to prevent sub-standard products from reaching the end consumer. GemmaCert is a table-top testing device that analyzes cannabis flowers in a smart way in order to achieve an accurate potency reading – without the need to grind a single bud or send a sample to a third-party lab. The sleek and easy-to-use unit is disrupting the cannabis space by allowing anyone to analyze their flowers within a matter of minutes. The company recently announced a new funding round, seeking to raise an additional $5-6 million (US), having already raised $3 million to date.

CFN Media sat down with GemmaCert Co-founder and CEO Guy Setton at the recent Terpenes and Testing World Conference to learn more about the company’s innovative device and how it is could be a game-changer throughout the cannabis supply chain.

CFN Media:  How was GemmaCert developed?

Guy Setton:  We knew from the beginning that we wanted to do something in the analytical side of the cannabis industry because we understood that current laboratory potency tests are lengthy and costly, making multiple tests impractical. By contrast, FDA approved spectral examination methods offer a quick and cost-effective way to leverage multiple tests.

Cannabinoid content varies widely, even within a single commercial crop. Research has documented this variability but a casual survey of products for legal sale shows that cannabis doesn’t lend itself to potency standardization. It’s well known that potency differs between cannabis strains but, in fact, potency varies between plants of the same crop and even between flowers taken from the same plant. So, the concentrations of the active ingredients of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) in an individual commercial batch range widely.

We decided to add apply NIR-spectroscopy, along with Continue Reading

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