Chatham Rock Phosphate: Trans-Tasman Resources makes history

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Chatham Rock Phosphate (NZ: CRP) (“CRP” or “the Company”) congratulates Trans-Tasman Resources (TTR) for gaining a Marine Consent from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). In conjunction with the Mining Permit granted several years ago this environmental consent enables TTR to progress towards development of a multi-billion dollar business which will benefit both the national and local economies and create hundreds of jobs.

CRP will study the grant decision in careful detail, and will use this information, along with the decision document from CRP’s first application to develop a revised marine consent application for the Chatham Rise Project that meets the requirements of the Exclusive Economic Zone (Environmental Effects) Act 2012.

CRP has been working tirelessly since the refusal of its initial Marine Consent Application to understand the gaps and shortcomings of the first application, and to identify appropriate field and laboratory studies, management and monitoring strategies, engineering designs and comprehensive stakeholder engagement processes, to address the uncertainties and concerns highlighted by the EPA decision in relation to its first application.

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