Chromium Outlook 2018: All Eyes on China

At the end of 2016, most market participants were waiting to see what would happen in China, the world’s top chromium consumer.

But what ended up happening in 2017? As the year comes to a close, the Investing News Network reached out to Victor Constant, market research analyst at the International Chromium Development Association, to learn more about what happened in the chromium market this year.

While Constant doesn’t provide investment advice or make formal quantitative forecasts about the market, he was able to provide valuable insight into the chromium space. For those wondering about the chromium outlook, his comments are a good place to start.

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INN: What key trends did you see in the chromium market in 2017?

VC: Following last year’s destocking in China and the price surge that ensued, prices dropped in the first half of the year as Chinese chrome ore imports and stocks picked up. The industry recovered from last year’s disruption, as illustrated by the continued growth in production, but prices remained volatile, picking up at the end of Q2 and dropping again at the end of Q3.

INN: What were the main supply/demand dynamics in the chromium space in 2017?

VC: As the leading chrome ore importer, the leading ferrochrome producer and the leading stainless steel producer, China remains the main driver of the chrome industry. On the supply side, South Africa is, by far, the number-one global ore producer and exporter. Kazakhstan, Turkey and India have also kept up a steady growth, confirming their role as major players in this market, and Zimbabwe made a Continue Reading

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