Colombia Sets Sights on Becoming a Global Cannabis Exporter

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The cannabis industry has earned fast traction on a global scale thanks to a number of governments opening the doors to favorable policy with the drug in mind. One such country that’s revamped its stance on marijuana is Colombia, who plans to become a national exporter of medical cannabis.

Those watching the marijuana sector closely have often remarked on the rapid expansion and the global potential for investors mostly in the Canadian market.

As Canada prepares to face the challenges from its legalization plans, other countries plan to keep a close eye on the development of this market for their own future operations.

Canada has taken a leading role on cannabis and will serve as one of the biggest tests for the public perception of the market as recreational cannabis will become legal this summer.

Experts have waited for the complete legalization to roll out in Canada as a way to examine the proposed cultural update for cannabis and its business.

Then there’s Colombia, who as previously mentioned, has completely revitalized its cannabis market by targeting international exports for local producers.

“As more countries legalize cannabis for medicinal use, Colombia is positioned to become a dominant supplier to these new countries as they ramp up their own domestic production capacity,” Ryan Douglas a cannabis growth consultant told Marijuana Business Daily.

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Colombia’s revamped licenses for cannabis production

Colombia formally legalized medical marijuana in 2015, after the nation’s President Juan Manuel Santos signed a decree ending a legal void where citizens had been consuming these products.

The country has realigned its interests to the export Continue Reading

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