DIAGNOS Signs Contract valued at USD$4.16 Million With the Government of Mexico

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DIAGNOS (TSXV:ADK) has announced that it has signed a new contract valued at $4.16 million.

As quoted in the press release:

This contract was awarded after the completion of a successful pilot program covering 79,407 patients.

“Based on the execution and results from our 2016 pilot program, ISSSTE now has entrusted DIAGNOS to screen, manage and monitor up to 320,000 patients for the remaining of 2017. Of these patients, all of the 79,407 under Diagnos care, existing patients from 2016 will be re-screened in 2017″, said Mr. André Larente, President of DIAGNOS. Mr. Larente added; “after 2 years of deploying screening projects internationally in more than 15 countries, DIAGNOS is highly committed to add value to more health programs by providing state-of-the-art technology accessible to people around the world at very competitive cost. Our FLAIRE AI technology platform will be expanded this year to new pathologies discoveries that will benefit the diabetic population and others”.

“Our approach is to monitor ISSSTE’s diabetic population over a 3 year period. Patients screened this year will be back for year 2 and year 3 screenings. This recurring revenue for DIAGNOS ensures the sustainability of our services for the future. Diagnos runs and manages the centered patient oriented programs known for the MIDE diabetes program of ISSSTE”, said Mr. Guillermo Moreno, Vice-President of DIAGNOS.

Click here to read the full press release.

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