Don’t Go at it Alone: Cannabis Franchise Opportunities in Canada

As the cannabis market in Canada continues its growth, cannabis franchise opportunities could be the access point for companies looking to enter the industry’s retail channels.

A walk down just about any commercial street in North America paints a vivid picture of how large a role franchise businesses play in today’s commercial landscape. Signs for McDonald’s, UPS, 7-11, Travelodge and countless other continent-spanning franchises are ubiquitous sights. It’s not hard to understand why. An entrepreneur can choose to go their own way and build a business from scratch while hoping their own expertise — and luck — will be enough to keep them out of the new business graveyard, or they can tap into the established brand, pre-designed systems, and support network of an existing and time-tested franchise model.

The sheer number of golden arches dotted along a highway is a pretty good indicator that a lot of business owners prefer the latter option. In Canada, a whole new category is about to enter the retail landscape. Since the day Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected in 2015, a large number of would-be cannabis entrepreneurs have been looking into ways to grab a piece of this new and exciting — albeit complicated — marketplace. For a lot of these new cannabis players who have the capital but may lack first-hand cannabis industry experience, entering into franchise agreements is an opportunity to step into the business without the potentially business-sinking growing pains and risks.

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Inner Spirit Holdings Ltd. (CSE:ISH) is applying its franchise and retail model to the recreational cannabis industry, using a streaming strategy to establish a chain of dispensaries under its Spiritleaf brand.Send me an Investor Kit

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