Happy 4/20 Day | Dr. Sanjay Gupta – We Thank You

cropped-spec10401.jpgApril 20, 2015
National Marijuana Day


Did you watch the CNN Specials last night?

Those of us in and around the Marijuana/Cannabis Industry are impressed and
grateful to the efforts of Dr. Sanjay Gupta (and of course the CNN organization) for
bringing world attention to the benefits of medical marijuana.

By watching Dr. Guptas’ specials, Weed, Weed2 and Weed3, you can see the progress that is being made inspite of governments reluctance at just about every level.

It is happening…

The revolution has begun and can not be undone and it is only a matter of time (less than you might think) before the Feds give it up and join the party opening the door for a variety of business opportunities and investments and sparking the next wave up in marijuana and cannabis stocks.

The big political question for the 2016 Presidential Election for all candidates.

What is your position on marijuana? 

Seems to us that the public support is now starting to drive more acceptance to this evolving industry and of course with the excellent programing by Dr. Gupta and the team at CNN.

In case you missed the CNN Specials you can see them here.


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