Initial Observations for Marijuana Stocks Investments

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We wanted to provide you with some our initial observations for the current 219 companies trading in the marijuana/cannabis sector.

Narrowing this list down to a much more manageable list of companies (before you even want to consider them for investment) can be somewhat simplified by these two functions:

• Sort our list of companies currently trading by market capitalization.
• Social media availability for those companies selected.

Our subscribers have access to many sorting features, including market capitalization:

Alphabetical listing of all companies
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Market capitalization

Social media (Facebook and Twitter) has proven to be a significant requirement for companies to get their message out to shareholders and followers. However, we are finding that a significant number of the lower priced companies do not have Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. In our opinion, this could be an excellent reason to avoid those companies that are not socially engaged.

Low price shares are not a particular issue, at least for us, but a company failing to recognize the benefits of social media is a major issue.

If you don’t have access to all information (you should) and we welcome you to join us at our Introductory Prices.

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