Legalized Marijuana Would Be Eliminated Under A Christie Presidency


Gov. Chris Christie vowed Sunday to eliminate legalized marijuana in states like Colorado and Washington if he’s elected president.

The governor, speaking on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” said his administration would use federal rules that outlaw marijuana to clamp down on states that legalized recreational pot use.

“Yes sir,” Christie told host John Dickerson when asked whether he’d go after Colorado and Washington.

“If you were president would you return the federal prosecutions in the states of Colorado, Washington states?” Dickerson asked.

“Yes,” Christie said.

“So, if somebody’s enjoying that now in their state, if you’re president, that’s getting turned off?” Dickerson continued.

“Correct,” Christie responded.

Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational marijuana, which is still outlawed under federal rules. However, President Obama’s administration hasn’t penalized the states nor forced them to role back the initiatives that voters in those states approved.

Christie has been an outspoken critic of legalized marijuana. He says it’s a gateway drug.

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