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Dating Expert/Sex Columnist,
Jessica Nemire
SAN FRANCISCO, Tuesday, September 30, 2014 — The California medical marijuana collective Aphrodite Group brings you Foria, a THC-infused lubricant designed specifically for women. Foria acts like normal lube does — except with the additional feature of getting the user’s vagina stoned.

According to Foria Communications Director Brittany Confer, founder Mathew Gerson created Foria with the purpose of providing a female-specific lubricant. “[Gerson] read a study about how there are 28 drugs regulated by the FDA made to enhance male sexual pleasure, but zero for women,” said Confer. “He created this product to help women. It’s a medicine.”

Made without gluten, sugar, or any chemicals or additives, the other central ingredient in Foria is natural coconut oil, making it edible as well.

Although Foria is aimed towards females, the lubricant has also been popular with males. Because the female anatomy absorbs materials differently, Foria won’t work if put on penises, but will still get men high if ingested or absorbed in other ways.

“It’s still a fantastic lubricant [for men] because of the coconut oil,” said Confer, although she warns against using the lube with condoms.

Despite its rapid decriminalization, marijuana is still illegal in California, so for the time being, only California residents with a medical marijuana card can purchase Foria.

“It isn’t a psychoactive high,” said Confer. She also added that one can use Foria without getting stoned. “It can help you sleep, even if you use it with no sex involved,” she said. “It’s really about using the THC to tap into relaxation.”

What will they think of next? Cannabis coated condoms? Actually, that’s not a bad idea.

Check out the Foria website for more information.

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