Marijuana and Cannabis Stocks Listings Updated

In order to make money, investors need information.

Currently there are around 300 companies trading in the marijuana and cannabis sector, do you know who they are?

For those Canadian companies trading, many will also have a U.S. stock symbol which will facilitate trading in the United States. We provide both symbols for our subscribers.

We have recently completed some updates, revisions, etc. which we will share with you below, but, we highly encourage you to join us at Marijuana Speculator to get the entire list of all companies trading.

In Canada the shares may be listed on either the Toronto Exchange TSX (.TO), the TSX Venture (.V), or the Canadian Stock Exchange (.CSE).

For only $20 a month you will have access to our database of all companies trading which is sortable by company name, symbol and market capitalization. Our databases will link you directly to the companies websites and to for the best charts, news and company profile. Everything you will need to make an ‘informed decision’.

Some of the changes below are new listings, and some are additions, such as adding a U.S. symbol.

Recent Updates:
Company                           Symbol

ABcann Global                    ABCCF
Alliance Growers                 ACG.CSE
Alternate Health Corp          AHG.CSE and AHGIF
Corbus Pharmaceuticals     CRBP
Encompass                        ENCC
Supreme Pharmaceuticals  FIRE.V and SPRWF
Newstrike Resources          HIP.V
Harvest One Cannabis        HVST.V
IMD Companies                  ICBU
Int’l Consol Companies       INCC
Innovativ Media Group        INMG
Isodiol International              ISOL.CSE and LAGBF
Kalytera Therapeutics          KALY.V and KALTF
Kitrinor Metals                     KIT.V
Cannabis Wheaton             KWFLF
MedReleaf Corp                 LEAF.V and MEDFF
Liberty Health Sciences      LHS.CSE
MariMed Inc                       MRMD
Maricann Group                 MRRCF
Valens GroWorks               MYMSF
New Age Farm                  NWGFF
Newstrike Resources         NWKRF
PAO Group                       PAOG
Cannabis Leaf                  PCFP
Praetorian Property           PRRE
Quinsam Capital Corp      QCA.CSE
Quadron Cannatech         QCC.CSE and QUDCF
Revive Therapeutics          RVV.V and RVVTF
SG Spirit Gold                  SG.V
Tetra Bio-Pharma              TBPMF
THC Therapeutics             THCT
Therapix Biosciences         TRPX
TerrAscend Corp                TER.CSE
Friday Night, Inc                 TGIF.CSE and VPGDF
Elev8 Brands                      VATE
Village Farms Int’l                 VFF.V and VFFIF
Zelda Therapeutics              ZLDAF

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