Marijuana Investments | First Stock Warrant Trading

littlelogo-e1371521132896By Dudley Pierce Baker

Recently we had the first stock warrant to begin trading on a marijuana company.

Mettrum Health Corporation, is a medical marijuana company

About Mettrum
Mettrum™ is a Health Canada licensed producer of medicinal cannabis and is committed to ongoing research, regulatory compliance, producing quality products, and providing comprehensive customer service.
There is increasing belief that medical cannabis is an appropriate natural medicine for the treatment of a wide range of medical issues. Health Canada has recently implemented new regulations to improve access to medical marijuana patients Canada-wide. As a Licensed Producer, Mettrum operates in compliance with these regulations to meet the needs of our clients.The Mettrum™ team has decades of combined experience in the agri-pharma, distribution and technology industries. We’ve recently completed our research and production facility, and have received approval from Health Canada to be a Licensed Producer under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations.

The new stock warrant has an expiration date of 15 September 2015 and an exercise price of $3.50.

Therefore, warrant holders have the right, but not the obligation to buy one common share
for each warrant held at a price of $3.50 until 15 Sept 2015.

The common shares and the warrants trade on the TSXV exchange:
MT and MT.wt

The closing prices on Friday 24 October 2015 were:
common shares – $1.60
warrants – $0.10

The above information is not in any way a recommendation to buy the shares or the warrants of
Mettrum Health. We are not investment advisors and investors are encouraged to consult with
their investment advisors or brokers before making any purchases of shares or warrants.

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