Marijuana Legal Yet Unregulated in Washington, DC

By William Sumner

Last week, Alaska wasn’t the only area in the United States to legalize marijuana. As of 12:01 AM on February 26, 2015, recreational marijuana became legal in the capital of our beloved country, Washington, D.C. However, instead of celebrations, mass smoke-ins and all-night parties, there was only silence.

Although more than 70 percent of the District’s voters approved Initiative 71, which legalized marijuana in the nation’s capital, the democratically-inspired Congress moved to block the bill by pulling the funding to enact the bill in the 2015 budget bill, also known as the Cromnibus. Thankfully, the wording of the the District’s initiative made no mention of funding so it was unaffected.

As a result, Congress only managed to block the DC council’s ability to tax and regulate marijuana, making it less marijuana legalization and more “depenalization,” as NORML’s Allen St. Pierre put it to Reuters.

Under D.C.’s current laws, adults 21 years or older may carry up to 2 ounces of marijuana for personal use. Public use of marijuana is still a fineable offense, and the sale of marijuana is still strictly illegal. Oddly enough, D.C. somewhat resembles Alaska at the moment as the state is still coming up with its marijuana laws.

Even after marijuana became legal in D.C., for the most part it is still business as usual. Last year D.C. decriminalized marijuana, so really the only difference between today and last week is a $100 fine. In truth, the heart of the story lies not in the legalization of marijuana, but rather the separation of powers.

For years, Congress has been exploiting Home Rule to trample upon the will of the District’s voters. In 1998, D.C. approved medical marijuana but it took nearly two decades to enact the legislation because of Continue Reading

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