MYM Nutraceuticals Welcomes Nicolas Elbaze to the Sublime Team

MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE:MYM) (OTC: MYMMF ), is pleased to announce that Nicolas Elbaze has joined the MYM/Sublime team as the Quality Assurance Manager for the Sublime Project. Mr. Elbaze has trained and managed several quality assurance personnel in the cannabis industry and brings a wealth of expertise regarding the procedures and quality management systems that Health Canada requires of Licensed Producers. Nicolas has developed and fine-tuned industry-specific procedures that will guide the Sublime Project going forward and ensure that MYM’s products meet the highest standards. Pursuant to a five-year consulting agreement with Mr. Elbaze, MYM will issue him 50,000 common shares now, 50,000 shares once Health Canada grants MYM a license to cultivate, and 50,000 shares once MYM gets approval for sales and distribution.

Rob Gietl, MYM’s CEO, commented, “MYM’s innovative approach and extensive network of cannabis industry leaders coupled with Nicolas’s strict managerial quality assurance approach is a sure combination for success. We are confident that Nicolas’s professionalism, experience and consistency will play a big role in getting the Sublime Licensed Producer application approved, and, beyond that, producing the highest quality nutraceutical products in the world.”

Nicolas Elbaze commented, “MYM has shown great integrity in their approach to quality assurance, thus enabling for complete and sustainable compliance to regulations. Our team is well positioned to carry through with our objectives while maintaining the highest quality standards. I look forward to merging our cultures of excellence.”

MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. (CSE:MYM)(OTC:MYMMF)(FRA:OMY) is a public company trading on the Canadian Stock Exchange whose primary focus is developing high-end organic medicinal cannabis supplements and topical products. MYM also has an interest in the development of high-density farming facilities and technologies that allow MYM to expand its brand into the global market.


” Rob Gietl”

Rob Gietl, CEO
MYM Nutraceuticals Inc.

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