RISE Closes Deal to Buy Cultivate Kind and Life Bloom Organics

Precedent-setting acquisition immediately expands the RISE product portfolio and deepens the company’s vertical integration as it rolls out cannabis-based health and wellness products in the California market

RISE Life Science Corp. (CSE:RLSC) (the “Company and/or “RISE”) has completed the previously announced acquisition of 100% interest in California-based Cultivate Kind and Life Bloom Organics.

The acquisition of Life Bloom Organics will immediately expand RISE’s portfolio of CBD products from sexual health and wellness products to include wellness, pain and sleep products and provide access to Life Bloom’s existing channels of distribution and production in the U.S. RISE will also leverage Life Bloom’s proprietary process of nanotizing CBD for increased bioavailability without psychoactivity in future products created under the RISE brand umbrella.

Integrating Cultivate Kind adds significant in-market expertise, provides immediate revenue to the company and brings U.S. distribution capabilities in-house. As a result of the transaction, RISE will move forward with a deep understanding of retail marketing; trained sales reps; and, retail event and loyalty program know-how to create and expand retail presence and maximize retailer loyalty. The addition of the new capabilities will provide the foundation to efficiently launch new RISE brands in US markets, facilitate rapid market penetration and national growth, and leverage the full talent pool for global growth moving forward.

“The deal creates a vertically integrated corporation combining strategy with science, production with promotion, packaging with fulfillment, and sales with distribution,” commented Anton Mattadeen, President and CEO, RISE Life Science Corp.

“Nothing speaks like successful experience,” added Mattadeen, “Cultivate Kind recently brought Life Bloom Organics to market with great success in California. We are thrilled to welcome Cultivate Kind and Life Bloom Organics to the RISE family.”

“It’s a science — one that most cannabis marketing agencies have never dealt with before, and Cultivate Kind brings the Continue Reading

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