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Greetings Marijuana Speculators,

The lucrative legal marijuana industry continues to experience an explosion in investment potential. This multi-billion dollar industry can help power your portfolio to outrageous gains as its growth is forecast to explode even further over the next several years. Serious investors in this investment sector, especially now with the rapidly changing news, are being presented with some really exciting opportunities.

With tens of thousands of stocks to invest in; it can be difficult to locate ones of particular interest. We at MarijuanaSpeculator.com have developed a system to stay on top of your favorite industry with a listing of all the current companies that have stocks available for investments. Our carefully updated data provides you with the best overall view of the industry and removes companies that leave the industry or no longer fit our proprietary models. Subscribers to Marijuana Speculator receive up to date alerts on major developments and news that relate to your portfolio.

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We have just updated our databases and made significant changes that continue to expand your services.

1. NEW – Marijuana Speculator now links to StockHouse for charts, news, company profile, etc., supplying
you will the best detail possible to perform your analysis.

2. For those companies which are dual-listed, the United States and Canada, we provide both symbols and relevant links.

3. Our listings include any companies which also have stock warrants trading which you will not find anywhere else.

4. We have removed a significant amount of companies from our databases that were previously cross-over companies from other industries (e.g. mining, uranium, etc...) that are no longer active or did not pursue long term activity within the marijuana industry.

5. Hundreds of current companies are available in our listings and our database filters will allow you to further refine your search

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Ellis Martin Report with Dudley Baker Point Counterpoint

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  By Laura Brodbeck Though marijuana is growing ever more popular throughout the U.S. as several states have legalized medicinal and recreational use of the drug, the tight restrictions on growing and selling cannabis products has been a barrier for entrepreneurs looking to enter the market. However, a trade show in Chicago, Illinois, last week proved that creative individuals are finding ways to get in on the green rush without actually selling marijuana. Regulations Stifle GrowersMany states are enacting strict regulations on growers to limit the number of people who are licensed to sell marijuana to dispensaries. In New York, only five growing contracts are expected to be awarded, making dealing in pot very challenging. Related Link: Marijuana Movement Gets An Oscar-Winning Supporter Ganjapreneurs Press OnDespite that, last week’s expo featured some 162 stalls with firms trying to sell pot-themed accessories, rather than the drug itself. Some companies are focusing … Continue reading

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