Why Canadian marijuana stocks will spark up

David Pett | October 21, 2014 | Last Updated: Oct 21 1:19 PMrom left, Marc Wayne, president of vice president and generalConference at the Metro Toronto Convention There’s no time like the present when it comes to buying Canadian marijuana stocks, says Neal Gilmer, analyst at Clarus Securities Inc. But it won’t be an easy ride for investors. “We believe that the near term is likely to have material volatility as all of these companies are essentially start-ups in an infant industry,” he said in a note to clients. “However, we believe that longer-term, early investors stand to be well rewarded for taking on the risk.” Mr. Gilmer is the latest analyst to initiate coverage on Bedrocan Cannabis Corp., one of the few publicly traded licenced marijuana sellers in the country. He has a speculative buy and $1.50 price target on the stock. “We expect that the granting of the pending license from Health … Continue reading

Editorial: Where’s the weed? In Seattle, it’s in medical-marijuana dispensaries

Originally published October 25, 2014 at 4:03 PM | Page modified October 26, 2014 at 5:21 PM Washington’s lax medical marijuana laws are making a mockery of the state’s legalization experiment. Seattle Times Editorial FOUR months into Washington’s era of legal marijuana stores, a strange reality has settled over Seattle: The city doesn’t seem to care much about the availability of over-the-counter pot. Combined sales at Seattle’s recreational marijuana stores trail those in Vancouver, Spokane and even Bellingham. On a per capita basis, Seattle’s sales are about half of Yakima’s and one-third of Tacoma’s, according to data from the state Liquor Control Board. That’s partly due to the glitchy launch of the recreational market created by Initiative 502. Supply problems have led to sky-high prices and late-opening stores. But the regional sales disparity defies logical and market forces. Does Spokane really have a closet habit nine times stronger than Seattle’s? … Continue reading

A Lube That Gets You High…..

Brought to you by The EXHIBITIONIST– by Dating Expert/Sex Columnist, Jessica Nemire SAN FRANCISCO, Tuesday, September 30, 2014 — The California medical marijuana collective Aphrodite Group brings you Foria, a THC-infused lubricant designed specifically for women. Foria acts like normal lube does — except with the additional feature of getting the user’s vagina stoned. According to Foria Communications Director Brittany Confer, founder Mathew Gerson created Foria with the purpose of providing a female-specific lubricant. “[Gerson] read a study about how there are 28 drugs regulated by the FDA made to enhance male sexual pleasure, but zero for women,” said Confer. “He created this product to help women. It’s a medicine.” Made without gluten, sugar, or any chemicals or additives, the other central ingredient in Foria is natural coconut oil, making it edible as well. Although Foria is aimed towards females, the lubricant has also been popular with males. Because the … Continue reading

Favorite Initial Observations for Marijuana Stocks Investments

Welcome subscribers and followers, We wanted to provide you with some our initial observations for the current 219 companies trading in the marijuana/cannabis sector. Narrowing this list down to a much more manageable list of companies (before you even want to consider them for investment) can be somewhat simplified by these two functions: • Sort our list of companies currently trading by market capitalization. • Social media availability for those companies selected. Our subscribers have access to many sorting features, including market capitalization: Alphabetical listing of all companies Trading symbols Price Volume High and Low Market capitalization Social media (Facebook and Twitter) has proven to be a significant requirement for companies to get their message out to shareholders and followers. However, we are finding that a significant number of the lower priced companies do not have Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. In our opinion, this could be an excellent reason to … Continue reading

High Times= High Profits

marijuana… For investors who are prepared to brave the stigma associated with marijuana, the potential for outrageous returns has never been greater. The sector as a whole will be subdivided many times into the component materials associated with and directly derived from the plant material and its genetic cousin Hemp. This will result in a vast array of choices for an investor to weed through and locate. The reality of the situation, Marijuana and the family of plants it is associated with are undergoing a vast dismantling of the restrictions that illegality placed upon it. The number of states who have passed bills regarding medical marijuana have become impossible to ignore, and with the opening of legal distribution in 2 states with more actively pursuing bills; the savvy investor can see that we are on the precipice of something that has not been seen in almost a century (outside of … Continue reading