UN to call on governments around the world to decriminalise all drugs, says Richard Branson

October 19, 2015 Adam Withall Branson’s intervention appears to be designed to prevent the UN from changing its mind AFP The UN may be about to call on the governments of all countries to end the “war on drugs” and decriminilise the use and possession of all illegal substances. In an extraordinary post on his Virgin website, Richard Branson said he had been showed a report by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) which dramatically changed the organisation’s stance on drug control. He said the “as-yet unreleased statement” had been sent to some of the world’s media under embargo, but the businessman has gone public with it early for fear the UN will “bow to pressure by not going ahead with this important move”. The UN was preparing to declare “unequivocally that criminalisation is harmful unnecessary and disproportionate”, Branson wrote. A document changing the UN stance on drug control … Continue reading

Former Cara CEO tackling marijuana sector through Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd – Financial Post

Former Cara CEO tackling marijuana sector through Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd Financial Post Don Robinson says he is bringing the “best of big business practice” to just about the last place investors would think to look for it: the marijuana sector. “We’re a marriage of industry experts who don’t have corporate experience with corporate grey … and more Continue Reading … Continue reading

Top Marijuana Articles This Week

  Sunday, September 20, 2015 Marijuana Speculator     Good Afternoon, We have some great articles to share with you which were posted on our website this week. Top Articles For The Week A Brief History of Medical Marijuana The Real Reason Why Marijuana Will Be Legal Bernie Sanders Talks About Medical Marijuana, Decriminalization, Banking, And Legalization If you are not a current subscriber to http://MarijuanaSpeculator.com we encourage you to check out our services and get started soon. Enjoy your Sunday, The Marijuana Speculator http://MarijuanaSpeculator.com … Continue reading

A Brief History of Medical Marijuana

By Thomas Valentine, Cannabis Culture on September 17, 2015 CANNABIS CULTURE – Medical marijuana had its start long before California or Canada became med-pot-friendly. Cultures from around the globe have used medicinal cannabis throughout the ages. Marijuana made it’s first appearance in our known history about 10,000 years ago in China and Taiwan. Its fibers were used extensively for various applications from cloth to rope. Since eating the seeds in traditional dishes was widespread, it didn’t take long for them to recognize the medicinal properties of the rest of the plant. In 140-208 AD, the early Chinese surgeon Hua Tuo was the first recorded person to use cannabis as an anesthetic. He mixed a cannabis powder with wine for the patient in imbibe previous to surgery. Because of its widespread usefulness, cannabis became one of the 50 “fundamental” herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. Every part of the cannabis plant had a use in preparation … Continue reading

Bernie Sanders Talks About Medical Marijuana, Decriminalization, Banking, And Legalization

Posted by Johnny Green at 10:22 AM on September 17, 2015 Many marijuana activists have been waiting for Bernie Sanders to talk more about his stance on marijuana policy. I know I have been. We all know that he is more progressive on marijuana policy than most, and has made many comments about non-legalization policy issues, but has yet to come out with a fully endorsed plan for legalization. Bernie Sanders recently did an interview on public television on a show called Little Village. During the interview Bernie Sanders was specifically asked about marijuana policy, and had the following to say, via Raw Story: One of the things that hasn’t been spoken about a great deal so far in the race for 2016, is the decriminalization of marijuana, said Walker. “Do you have a policy position on that?” he asked Sanders. “My home state of Vermont has decriminalized marijuana and … Continue reading

The Real Reason Why Marijuana Will Be Legal

By Sean Brodrick, Resource Strategist, The Oxford Club Saturday, September 5, 2015       There’s a big furor over marijuana. Legal marijuana may be the fastest-growing industry in the U.S. It is making millionaires and could make billionaires. Why are we talking about marijuana in an energy and resource e-letter? The answer is simple: It’s a resource. Marijuana is a cash crop, and a huge one at that. The U.S. market for legal cannabis grew 74% in 2014 to $2.7 billion. That’s up from $1.5 billion in 2013. It’s so big, it’s even entered the presidential race, with many contenders saying the decision to legalize pot is up to the individual states. And sure enough, medical marijuana is now legal in 23 states. Recreational cannabis is legal in four states and the District of Columbia. But let me tell you, we could see a wave of legalization across America. … Continue reading

Rick Simpson Cured 5000 People Of Cancer Using Cannabis

September 7, 2015     As soon as he heard that there is a seminar for legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes, Rick Simpson, one of the biggest fighters for this idea in the world and the man who cured more than 5000 people with cannabis oil, came to the capital of Serbia. Almost in unison, the foreign guests of the Beograd seminar for legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes, confirmed that Broz was one of the those powerful people who had the task, in the name of the pharmaceutical mafia, to forbid this type of use of cannabis- a plant which according to Rick, has been proved to cure the most serious forms of cancer, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, asthma, psoriasis, etc. I always say to people: “Cannabis will either heal you or you will find out that this is the best medicine which exists in the world … Continue reading

Ellis Martin Report with Dudley Baker Point Counterpoint

Published on Aug 8, 2015 In this segment of The Ellis Martin Report, Ellis and Dudley square off about whether or not gold is righteously priced where it is and whether it will go up or down and be a worthy investment for contrarians. Ellis says “not so much” and predicts a low of $900 where Dudley says if not now when would you take advantage of a rare opportunity. Also, marijuana stocks? What is Dudley’s take on them? http://www.ellismartinreport.com http://www.marijuanaspeculator.com http://www.commonstockwarrants.com … Continue reading

Hemp, Inc | Symbol Change and 1 for 10 Rollback

August 4, 2015 The Marijuana Speculator http://MarijuanaSpeculator.com Over the weekend and buried in a news release was the announcement of a 1 for 10 rollback in the companies shares. There has also been a symbol change to HEMPD. A reduction in shares outstanding from 2.1 Billion down to 214 Million. Shares actually traded up today, August 4th to $0.20 up .04, a gain of 25% on volume of 979,600. “…The company’s strategic move to purchase the plant as well as the decision to complete a modest ten to one reverse split, is expected to ensure the company’s future success as it forges ahead. According to executives, Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) shareholders maintained the same percentage of ownership while positioning the stock to rise in value as production comes on line. That means, the Hemp, Inc. stock price prior to the reverse split was one and one-third cents per share. After … Continue reading

High times: Investing in medical marijuana

Wed, Jun 24, 2015 – 3:10 PM Tweed’s acquisition of Bedrocan and a Supreme Court ruling that legalizes edible medical marijuana products has sparked a renewed interest in the sector. Business Day has a special look at the medical marijuana industry, and what investors need to know. Paul Rosen, President & CEO, PharmaCan Capital joins BNN to discuss what consolidation in the sector will mean for investors. … Continue reading