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April 20, 2015
Dudley Pierce Baker

Totally Hemp Crazy (THCZ) has taken investors/speculators on an incredible journey over the last 6 months from less than 1 penny to $0.32. A lifetime of gains in a few months for most investors.



(THCZ) Totally Hemp Crazy Manufactures Rocky Mountain High hemp-infused beverage products – a range of wickedly delicious hemp-based beverages that are 100% legal and refreshing! See their website for complete details.

In full disclose I no longer have a position in THCZ as I exited the party way to soon but still racked up monster gains in less than 3 months and buying as low as .008 last November.

The question for investors now and I mean right now, TODAY, is what is next.

THCZ is making another run for the previous high of $0.32 and today, 420 Day, it traded as high as $0.29 before closing at $0.261 on volume of over 15 million shares.



If THCZ can breakout above the previously $0.32 high the shares could be off to the races one more time.

Good luck investors as we look for the next time opportunities.

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