Zinc Forecast 2018: Companies Weigh In

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Many analysts predicted 12 months ago that zinc was set to shine in 2017, and the base metal has lived up to expectations.

Zinc prices rallied in Q3, breaking the $3,000-per-tonne mark, and have held above that level since then. With that in mind, the Investing News Network reached out to a number of companies in the zinc sector to get their thoughts on what’s ahead for the base metal in 2018.

John Mirko, president and CEO of Rokmaster Resources (TSXV:RKR); Bruce Durham, president and CEO of Nevada Zinc (TSXV:NZN); Steve Dawson, CEO of Canadian Zinc (TSX:CZN); Wayne Taylor, managing director and CEO at Heron Resources (ASX:HRR); and Peeyush Varshney, CEO, chairman and president of Canada Zinc Metals (TSXV:CZX), were able to provide insight.

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Did you know zinc prices gained over 90% since January 2016?

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Zinc trends 2017: Supply constraints hit the market

Zinc was the best-performing LME metal in 2016 after surging almost 65 percent that year. At the beginning of 2017, many market participants were expecting the base metal to continue to shine on the back of supply constraints.

“I expected the metal markets to continue to tighten as the world economy continued to grow, [with] mineral supply [shrinking] due to several closures and few new discoveries coming onstream,” Rockmaster’s Mirko said. Meanwhile, Nevada Zinc’s Durham said he expected tighter inventories and higher prices for commodities, but in particular for zinc.

Canada Zinc Metals’ Varshney also said he expected “LME zinc inventories to continue Continue Reading

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